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Trying to complete registration



  • Mary S

    Anyone knows how to register the warranty on the new liquid screen protector I just purchased... Emailed them 3x...Any help will be appreciated... Looks like this is not the company to go with....

  • Manysuds2

    they are not responsive...been going this for a month now. thinking im gonna report them

  • Gary Mundy

    Trying to register using the app on an iPad, it gives me an error that I have not completed the device tests. Anyone know where to find the device tests? When I tap the Certification Tool, the app just closes. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Shariel Guthrie

    I have been trying to register my screen protector since day one & haven’t been successful. I’ve emailed this company & can’t get a straight answer as to whether my registration was successful or not. Could some please respond being that there’s know phone number to reach you.


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