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Warranty Response time



  • Briannachidester2009


  • Matthew McQueen

    That's weird. I thought we paid to have it fixed fully and then they reimburse us after the repairs have already been completed. Strange. Very Strange.

  • edrhenry

    Yeah is that from a fake account? I've paid my deductible for a week and have heard nothing alerting me to be able to go get my phone fixed.

  • Spaulhus

    I did post this and it is true. I guess i am just lucky

  • Neil Cesar

    Fake post. I can't believe I fell for a scam like this. Never again

  • Sykosoma

    It's been 7 days since filing my claim. I purchased phone and warranty thru Swappa. I have submitted every email associated with the Phone and Warranty, yet each day this Warranty company keeps asking for additional information that I don't have. My phone is listed in the inventory of my account on the Warranty Life website. So if they already have all the information of a phone I've already registered then what other information do they need? Even they are sending me are poorly written. No greetings, just a vague question about a number I just needed and starts with a W or U. This number is nowhere to be found in my records probably would have been a good idea if they would have explained where I might be able to find this Information. So needless to say I am e becoming upset because I just want my phone fixed like I paid for.


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